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We're proud to release the Energy Website Template for FrontPage. Energy is a Generation6 build. Designed with the latest technology, and lots of great features to help you get started with your new website.

Generation6 templates are based on 3 main criteria:

  • WOW factor. We want your website to LOOK like a $1000 (and hopefully more :)
    • GREAT looking websites
    • Utilizing the most current technologies
    • Templates and graphics designed 'in house'
    • The people who design the templates, also service and support them!
  • SEO. Search Engine Optimization.
    • Utilize our expert knowledge of current Search Engine Optimization techniques
    • Templates are designed from the ground up for SEO
    • Key elements included in the template page build, to help you better optimize your web site and web page
      • META tags (title, description, keywords)
      • Page Title
      • Text Links
      • Copyright
    • W3C standards validated (with the exception of flash code which will not validate)
  • EASE of EDITING: Lot's of WOW, little software.
    • We really want to provide a High End websites, that really stand out. To provide such a website presents the challenge of adding the WOW, bells and whistles, while maintaining some ease of use. We've done just that.
    • Software required, a standard HTML editor such as Microsoft FrontPage is really all you need.
    • Edit the information in the Flashy bits**, with FrontPage 2003, Notepad or any text editor
    • Step by Step video instructions provided for any element of your website that is not a standard FrontPage component


  • 10 pre-designed pages, which you can modify to suit your needs
  • 1 catalog page layout, best for PayPal
  • contact form page (for servers with FrontPage extensions)
  • contact form confirmation page (for servers with FrontPage extensions)
  • a blank template page, to create as many new pages as you need
  • included pages to easily update the logo, copyright, and menu buttons
  • JavaScript 'page scroller'
  • google site search
  • Detailed FAQ
  • Video Instructions

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits! Lot's of Value, little price.


 - a VALUE added Service -

This service IS NOT REQUIRED! You can replace the generic 'Website Name' graphic with text or your own image!
No need for additional software! (unless you plan on designing your own graphic, then that's completely up to you :)

You have a great looking website, and now you want to personalize it. A GREAT way to do this is to request your FREE TEXT LOGO. We will modify the 'Website Name' graphic, using text provided by you. Just let us know what you would like your logo to say, and we'll modify the default logo for you. Most of our members are not graphic artists, and we really do want you to have a personalized website, that looks professional.


Already have a graphic logo for your company or organization, and you would like us to 'insert' the logo into the template for you? Not a problem. Contact our design team with your request. Provide your graphic image. Cost to insert your image will vary, however the average cost is about $25.

You can do this yourself, we've provided video instructions on how you can add your own graphic logo!

Custom Design Services

Need that special look, but you don't have the time or the graphic skills? Not a problem , our design team can modify the template look and feel of your template, creating a custom design exclusive to you. Average cost to completely modify the theme and color of a template is $99, and once it's done, it's your! We will never place a modified template back into our catalog for resale, you'll own the only copy.


Dynamic Flash Header

Our GENERATION6 templates include and easy to update flash header, no need to own Flash or Swish. Most websites using Flash animated pages, or Flash animated page headers would also require that you own Macromedia Flash, or SwishMax if you wanted to update or change the information displayed in that header. We've designed the Flash header based on a 'Dynamic Component Structure'. You can completely remove 'elements' such as the 'logo' or 'date and time' just be deleting or moving a folder in your website. You can also change the images, edit the heading and taglines, or even change the button names and links all within FrontPage, just by editing a simple text file.

Bonus Components

We've included 5 great looking, functional components

  • Google Site Search
  • Time and Date Component
  • Scrolling Information Window
  • Bookmark Icon
  • Contact Icon

Create as many additional pages as you need

Blank template pages provide an easy tool for you to create as many NEW pages for your website, as you need. You ARE NOT limited to the type and number of pages we've included in the website package. Ad what you need, remove what you don't, that simple!


10 Pre-Designed pages

Modify the content and arrangement to suit your needs! Your template is just the starting point, a year from now, you'll have made plenty of changes. To get you started, we've included 10 pre-designed pages. Just modify the text and layout of the information, and call it your own. No need to waste time trying to write your own copy, just edit ours!

Site wide updates for common elements

Easy updates to elements common to all pages, such as the menu bar, text links, scrolling window and even the copyright information. No need to make changes to common elements one page at a time. Our GENERATION6 template designs utilize the FrontPage 'include' component for all common elements. Common elements are located in the includes folder or your website. Example:

  • to modify the 'copyright 2006 Your Company Inc' (sitewide)
    • open your includes folder
    • open the copyright.htm page
    • change the information
    • save
  • all pages in your website will be updated instantly

World Class Design

We pride ourselves on the First Class Graphic Design. Unique, High Quality Graphic Design all created in house by our own design team! What's more, our designers are skilled in Javascript, PHP ASP programming, Flash Action script (flash) and Search Engine Optimization. The complete package needed to bring a great looking design into the real world. Our templates are designed with the latest technology, compatible with the latest browsers, and backwards compatible too! We have designed your template with great functionality in mind. You can add as much content as you like, and your web pages will 'flow and grow' easily. You are not restricted to the amount of content you can add to a page! The more you add, the more the page grows, all while maintaining it's unique design!

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WC3 Validated Code

Our Generation6 templates stand up to the high standards set by the WC3 consortuim. With the exception of the flash code (as flash code will not validate as this time) the HTML coding of your website passes the rigorous standards with flying colors!

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Super fast 'menu' updates

Most of us will be updating our website, at least once a month ( while the rest of us can hardly stay out of our websites :)! Aside from modifying the content on your existing pages, you'll probably want to add new pages to your site or remove older pages as time goes by. We've made it VERY easy for you to add and remove pages not only from your website, but ALSO from the menu bars. We've included by default, a FrontPage vertical menu bar which you can add and remove pages from in the Navigation view of FrontPage. We've also included and OPTIONAL CSS Text Based Menu (for you SEO folks). This too, can easily be updated site wide, no need to copy and paste from one page to the next, or use the Find And Replace function. Edit one page only to update your entire site!

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Search Engine Optimized

High rankings in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN may or may not be of great importance for you. Either way, we've created your template to give you a head start. Search engines uses several different 'algorithms' or methods to determine where your web site and web page should rank for a given search term. Many factors such as the 'content' on your page, the 'title' of your page, and the web sites that link to you have a huge impact on your ranking. We've designed your template in such a manner that when the search engines do come to your website, they will have an easy time reading the information on the page, and easily spider all the pages in your website through the text links, and site map.

Solid WC3 compliant coding, and a layout designed for visitors and search engines alike. A great starting place for high search engine rankings!

 ** On a side note, the 'Flash' header in your website will in NO WAY interfere with the spidering of your website. We have designed the Flash portions of your website with carefully scripted code, specifically for search engines and browsers. Search engines will glance past the flash header and go straight for the content and links! We do not employ any method of scripting that would in any way spoof or attempt to fool a search engine. We simply keep up to date with the specifications and requirement set out by Google, Yahoo, and MSN to stay compliant with the coding of your website.

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Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross browser compatible, and backwards compatible. Your template is designed with the latest technology, to be compliant with IE and Firefox (specifically). Using CSS (cascading style sheets) we've created a very tight and tidy HTML coding, so your pages will display the same in all browsers.

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ActiveX Coding

Concerned about the latest 'browser' updates, that could potentially cause interference when your visitors interact with an ActiveX component such as Flash, or a CSS Menu Bar? Not to worry, we've scripted your web pages to use 'external' ActiveX controls, controls located in a specially designed .js file. You will never need to worry about browser updates that may cause interference for your visitors, while on your website.

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Outstanding Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support from real people! Call us, and you'll find a human being on the other end of the line!

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and support.

We design your website, in house. We service your website, in house. We support your website, in house.

Not only do we offer our services to help you modify your website, we provide outstanding customer support for those times when you need an answer, or even an opinion :)

Support, like no other. If we have not been able to answer your question, through our Video tutorials, online FAQ's or PDF documentation, you can always refer to our online Knowledge base, or our members support ticket center. Support from the people who designed and built your website!

ALL OUR MEMBERS have access to 'My Support Center' located on your members page at www.luckymarble.com/members.

'My Support Center' features our online knowledge base, so you can quickly find the answers your looking for. Our knowledge base is built from questions, asked by our members. If you can not find an answer to your question in the knowledge base, you can submit your question to our design team, or our programming team. If your question is relevant to our members then we will add your question, and post your answer to our knowledge base for all to share in.

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